Minions / ****

imageLook, I know that as a parent, it’s apparently my obligation to hate the Minions. But for whatever reason, I don’t really. Maybe it’s just that my kids haven’t really gone ga-ga over them like so many others; maybe it’s just that I find them pretty harmless. Whatever the case, the Minions never really bothered me, and having seen the feature film about them, they still don’t, mainly because the filmmakers know exactly what they’re doing. This isn’t a sappy story with a Big Important Message to convey; this isn’t a treacly story about lost loves or anything like that. This is a story about creatures (which are kind of dumb) trying to help a supervillain steal the crown jewel, and it’s part adventure, but mostly comedy. There’s physical jokes, a nice 60’s-rock soundtrack, a lot of silliness, and just a general sense of fun that I couldn’t deny. Are there better animated movies out there? Sure. But Minions fills a great void, delivering a kid’s movie that’s more about silliness and fun than it is some deep message or some emotional journey, and based off of my kids’ giggling throughout (okay, and some of mine), it does its job well. Does that mean I have to turn in my parenting card now? 4


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