Drunk History (Season 3) / ****

imageHere’s the thing: I still really love Drunk History. I’ve often commented that Drunk History is proof that a single-joke premise can work if you run with it well enough, and now that I’ve watched three seasons of that joke, I can attest that the idea of actors re-enacting drunken history tales by comedians never gets less funny. And as the show has embraced its cheapness, it’s only gotten funnier, tossing in tiny airplanes, badly labeled props, and so much more. More than that, this season brought by Kyle Kinane, who may be the best drunk storyteller the show’s ever had, only to maybe match him with Paul F. Tompkins’s amazing work. So why am I so glad the season’s over? Maybe it’s just the length. Each season of Drunk History keeps getting longer – 8 episodes the first season, then 10 the next, and now 13 – and it ends up running the joke into the ground, turning what’s normally hilarious into a bit of a “been there, done that” instead. Do I still enjoy the show? Without a doubt – and I’d argue that Tompkins and Kinane delivered what will easily go down as two of the best segments the show’s ever done, with the Harriet Tubman story from earlier in the season right up there. But I can’t help but feel that it would all be better if it the seasons were allowed to be short, or maybe split a la South Park4


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