Two quick announcements…

Since 2004, I’ve been posting my book and movie reviews on a little self-designed/maintained website called Earlier this year, I decided to shut it down in favor of a WordPress blog, but one of the things I was concerned about was losing all of that material – honestly, that was a ton of writing (upwards of 2,400 movie reviews and 1,000 book reviews), and I didn’t want to lose it all.

Well, as of tonight, all of the archives are officially set up and completed on a simple little Google site that provides free hosting. It’s nothing fancy, and it doesn’t look nearly as nice as what I had, but all of the reviews and essays are up, complete with star ratings when I implemented them in 2009, as well as an alphabetical index you can use if you’re looking for something particular.

Anyways, It’s all up for you here – feel free to check it out and enjoy.

Secondly, I’m glad all of that new/old content is up, because this place may be dead for a few weeks thanks to arm surgery I’m having this week. I hope to be back and reviewing soon, but if a couple of weeks go by, don’t give up on me just yet – I may just be (quite literally) unable to post much. I’ll try to work through the backlog when I return.


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